texture display error?

I’m getting a texture display error, well maybe I just don’t know how to fix it and it’s not actually a blender error but my own stupidity…

enough with that!

ok when I have more then 2 textures (eta normals and diffuse) on a material or I put ramps on the material shader the object turns into a wire frame that can only be seen from one side in texture view…


Have you turned on GLSL?
Normals the correct direction?
Upload a blend :slight_smile:

First: check to make sure the normals are facing the correct way.
Second: Are you applying two different Materials on the same model with the same mapping?(bad) Or are you having two different textures applied to the same Material?(good)

hmm I found it is blender error… I had to many spot lamps as instances, I deleted them and now all the textures and ramps work properly this however makes my work a tad bit less lit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Terra/cypher: I checked all those things, normals correct 1 material per mesh, multiple textures per material…

anyway thanks all for trying to help

mind you I did find one onject that was more then one material on the object possibly that was the culprit aswell, I’m going to test with lamps without the model with 2 materials…

Sounds good :slight_smile:

I’ve done bunch of tests now and I know it’s the lamps because I put the object with more then one mat in the scene and it produced same error got rid of the second mat on that obj and the error persisted… next I deleted all the spot lamps from the scene and the error disappeared… so blender can’t handle complex materials with multiple spot lamps hmm (atleast with me) on my machine

Hrm… Could you include an example file with just that object and the packed textures? It would be a lot easier to me to figure this out if i could actually see it. :stuck_out_tongue: