Texture dissapear during anim

Hey guys!
As the title says my problem is the next:
I’ve decided to create a little moving .gif of my favorite guitar pick. The problem that occures however is that the photo that I’ve edited of my pick somehow dissapears after a certain veiw. Also interestingly the picture feels different from the pick itself. It rather feels like a hologram or something. This is because the texture tries to ceep it’s straightness towards the camera yet deforms towards the model. It’s really strange. I’ve set the Map Input to Object. :eek:

Heads up on animated gif. I’m working on it. Coming soon. :wink:

I’ve noticed that the texture actually ceeps itself straight…gif is being uploaded

Ok… Here’s the gif.
For legal reasons:
This is the model of Jim Dunlop Joe Satriani model :slight_smile: Luv the looks.:cool:


How well did I copy?

Post a .blend:


I don’t get it sorry…What’s up with that page? All I see is a log…you want me to create an account? :confused:
and what does that have to do with the texture thing… :rolleyes:

When you mapped the texture to Object, did you specify an object’s name in the field just to the right of the Object button? You could use the name of the pick Object. However, for more precise placement of a “decal” texture like this, it’s more common to make an Empty object, parent it to the mesh and enter Empty in the field.

No one around here enjoys trying to diagnose problems without having a look at your file to see what you’ve done. It looks like an IPO problem but there’s no way to know for sure without the file. You’re going about that the hard way anyway. Object coords allow palcement of textures without having to unwrap complex meshes. Your’s doesn’t qualify as complex. UV map it and be done with it.

So I should rather UV map it rather…ok! Actually I always try to NOT UV map :o but this hould be an easier in this case.

I would suggest UV Mapping it, or taking CD38’s advice and using an empty.

“Object” mapping requires an object to reference from, otherwise, from the looks of things, it maps it using something similar to the “Win” option.