texture distorted & not placed on an object properly

Hi guys,
i want to use the texture which has some meshes on a cylinder but dunno why the texture is distorted after placing on the cylinder and also the edge of the mesh part is not the same as the shape edge of the cylinder. Those meshes become distorted see below pic. I tried to adjust the size of the texture/cylinder but still doesn’t work. Any way to fix it?
Attached please find .blend file as well.
Untitled-1.pdf (852 KB)

If you need precise mapping, try using UV coordinates instead of one of the generated types.

Hi ace dragon, would u mind showing me where the UV coordinate button is?

Are you using BI or Cycles?

In BI, the mapping options should be in the texture panels, in Cycles, you need to add a ‘texture coordinate’ node.

Thanks for your guide! I just found another solution which is “follow active quads” in shortcut “u” and after clicking this option, i just need to adjust the cylinder a bit.

hi guys/Ace Dragon, i couldn’t use " follow active quads" on my another object. Would u pls show me your method to fix this kind of problem? I’m using Cycles and I added a “texture coorindate” node, what is the next step?