Texture does not show correctly in render

So I finally managed to get my texture finished for this model, but now something weird happens if I try to view it as a render, either with f11 or with the Render viewport shading.

This is the model in edit mode:

And this is it in render mode:

It looks like it disregarded the UV lines or something, but I don’t know how to fix it. Ideas?

CanyonWyvernAnimatedRemodeledMirroredv1.blend (3.95 MB) <-- The model

No textures supplied in your blend file so we cannot see what you see ! Pack all textures in the blend file using the File / External Data menu before saving the blend file.

In the texture settings you need to select the correct UV map. You have three UV maps but don’t specify which one you want to use for this particular texture placement

Ack, very sorry about that. That did fix my problem though, so thank you very much!