Texture each face

Let’s say I have a plane mesh. I subdivide it so that it has 4 faces. I want to apply a procedural material/texture that looks like marble, for example. If I apply the material to the plane, it’s mapped as one continuous surface. What I’d like to do is have each face appear like a separate marble tile. The only way I have figured out to do this is to split each face into a separate object.

So, is there a way to apply a procedural material/texture such that each face is textured “separately”?


Maybe I’m overlooking something, but couldn’t you just create four materials and assign them to the separate faces?
You could also bake the procedural textures into four images, combine them into one image with gimp or something, and assign them through UV mapping.

Haha, ok maybe I already found a solution? If I mark every edge as a seam, unwrap (which separates the faces) and then use UV mapping for the texture mapping, I get each face with a different pattern. I’m guessing I could rotate some of the faces in the UV to change how the texture is mapped. Any better way to do it?


The problem with four materials, is that it won’t scale if, say, you have 100 tiles.
Your baking suggestion makes sense. Basically you create a static image from the procedural and use UVs. But that removes the flexibility of the generated texture. If I wanted to tweak the density or noise I’d have to go back and regenerate, save and map again. I think.

Thanks for the ideas though.