texture effect

i dowanloded a model from blender repostiory 3D

a female character

i needed only the face to make a mask - and trying to use this

now when you look at the model and data in blender
i don’t see any UV in F9 but there is a UV image in UV editor

the face color are different material

but what wold teh UV image do to this?

how can yo tel if there is any Vcol or UV mapping or what else?

Any help appreciated


If there are vertex colors; there will a note in the buttons window. There should also be one if there is a UV texture. It could be that the texture isn’t loaded nor is it sticky. This happens when the .blend file is expecting a different texture path ( probably a simlpe version conflict ). The texture can be loaded into the texture tab in the buttons window. It can be found by by trying to load a new one in the editor ( just use the path it pops up ).

ok on emore detail

i loaded imported a 3DS model
the file was huge and there was in F9 a UV texture
but i cold not see it in the VU editor
but because of the file size and F9 UV indication i knew there was one UV map
but cold not find it

how can i get recuperate that texture and is it possible to save it under may be a different name and reload it if necessary ?