texture efficiency script idea (raycasting baker related)

Doesn’t the raycast baking script have a downside that it uses a lot of space on the final image, where It could use less if the uvs were reorganized, would it be a good idea to have a script that would move the uvs and the fragments of the texture so that it took up less space but still looked the same. If could be usefull for other texture work too. Would it need to use Python Image Library?

Instead of rearranging the UV coordinates after the image is baked, what I do is manually unwrap the model first, creating a clean looking unwrap using LSCM or archi, then I run the raybaker3 script with ‘preserve UV’ turned on. This way, the lightmap/baked lights are laid out the way I want.

ok thanks that’s probably the right way to do it.

Damnit. Some talented people should start writing tutorials about those things. I mean, like, right now!

I kid, but could anybody please point me to at least the basics of the workflow with this thing?