Texture Error ?

Hello people! I´m having a little problem with UV/Mapping Texture when the Game Engine is activated. If I rotate the object in the object mode, it seems to be ok, but, when I press “P” to enter the “game debug mode”, I can see through my mesh and this is not good.

I have already tried: Remove “two sides” and “double sided” properties; Select the faces and apply “flip normals”; Removed vertices “inside” the object (head).

Here are a sample picture to explain what is going on (these images are with the game engine activated)


Notes: This human model was downloaded from Blender Repository. The only thing I have changed was the UV Texture. The third image (from left to right) is the same model, but, I moved the hair to another layer)

So, can someone help me please? Thanks since now!


Have you tried to recalculate the normals inside and outside?

not yet… can u please tell me how to do this? another thing that I noticed about a few minutes is that when I apply a material to the mesh, the error disappear! But, indeed, the texture disappear too! How can i apply a material, set the texture map input to UV and display it correctly? I´m trying to do this but I don´t know the exactly name of my UV to fill the field of the Map Input.

Note: I´m using GLSL now


This doesn’t look like a normal problem.
In the “Texture Face” tab in the “Editing” panel (f9) try using the “Sort” option. If this doesn’t work could you upload the blend file?

It´s done! But it was not using the “sort” option. I´ll post what I did: I’ve changed the GE render type to GLSL and applied a new material to the object. Initially he was gray but, so, I changed the texture to “image” and pointed to the same file of my UV/Mapping. The texture properties I changed to “Map to: UV”. And, so, it works! I think that when I have applied a new material to the mesh, I turned him on a “solid” object. This is the better way that I can explain. Anyway, thx for everyone who helped me!

(if the text above have some errors, please, don´t care… I am not good to write in english today!)