Texture errors

A slight off-topic as you can see, I have this bug and it have six wings. I did the image texture of the first one and is as it look in the first image. Is it possible that i use the wing texture I did to texture the rest of the wings? Cuzz it took me long coloring the uvmap for the first wing.
When I build the bug I just made the first wing then copy paste the wing as an object and placed it to get the rest of the 6 wings. So basicly they have the exact geometry but the uvmap of each is not the same to the other.

Yeah, I was just pointing this out because this is how its supposed to work.

I can’t figure out what you mean.

The reason I say that is because the selection is indicated in the top left and it says eyebrowsGeo1, and also because the wing is a darker color orange which indicates it is the active object rather than the selected object.

This is what made me think you were using the same material.

As I said above, with the object selected (in object mode), go over to the material properties panel and click on the number, this will make a new independent material.
Then rename the material to something like “wing 2 mat”, then go down to the base color drop down and select image texture:
and select your image for the object.

Now, this applies to your most recent post, this material should (as far as I know) use the UVmap on the object it is on, so if you haven’t unwrapped it it won’t work.

So, I think what I would do is after you have the first wing the way you like it just duplicate it again six times. That way they should all have the same UVmap, or at least a duplicate that is the same. note: All of the wings will have the same material in that case.

Wing2,3,4,5,6 are already a publication of wing 1 that I just moved/mirrored to make the rest wings, they have the same uvmap exported but the difference is the orientation of the images. Here are 4 of six uvmaps after I exported

Here is the color I was pointing to. Near the name of material. IMG_20200424_142726
But it makes sense now, after what you said

Your idea worked as magic, thank you so much.

Here also gave me good results.
Much appreciated.

Yeah, thats what figured but after you get the material and the UVmap sorted out for one it will follow the wing as you transform it. So it would be simpler to just do that again.

As far as the slightly different UVmaps I don’t know why that would be.

I’m glad for that.


Again Great.

Okey, it seams that this model have a mind of it is own and has apearntly decided not to get textured.
So this object has a material of it is own, base color as an image texture.
When I open the image from the base color section, nothing happens to the object.
When I load the same image into the image editor, also, nothing happens. Notice that I have a small riplica of the uvmap top middle of the image I loaded.
Editing image in the image editor takes no effect on object, when I reload, editing I done is removed.

Also, I have the image texture as a PSD file.
Same things that I discriped here


Looks like we managed to get red of the wrong texture problem only

The eyebrows are dark gray, I don’t know what kind of an image you would have for the eyebrows but they are dark gray. I also don’t know why you have such a complicated UVmap for the eyebrows but according to the top left that is what is selected. The replica of the UVmap I can only guess is from the UVlayout you exported still in the image. If, as you say, you are using PSD’s maybe a layer you have hidden in photoshop is showing. I would not recommend PSD’s I would use PNG’s or TIFF’s. The asterisk (*) by the image menu in the image editor indicates you have not saved the image, it is not saved automatically. So the image (as edited) would not show up yet.

Yeah, maybe you should watch some tutorials about texturing and UVmapping to find a good work flow/process and to see how someone else does it. I haven’t watched too many myself and don’t know a good one off the top of my head but youtube has plenty. I have noticed that with 3d work it can get pretty frustrating if you don’t have a good work flow. This is something I have started to work on and its much more enjoyable and makes more sense.

but some portion of it is golden, which led me to say that what i do in the image does not show on objuct.

what i exported had only those big geometrry you see in the image, whithout any replicas.

icame to the same conclution as well.i only tryed it cuzz the origin of the model came whith a psd texture,plus it gives better options.

either way, any edit should show up in realtime. if at my case it did not. but iwould considersaving adn check if edits show up.

cant say i did not. but you’ve proven to be more usefull than them

Are the parts that are golden the ones you painted in an external program or the image editor. It looks you are painting a gold color in the image editor. So maybe try painting on those duplicate UV’s, the small ones, and see if that shows up.

No, your right, I just checked and it should show up.

Golden parts were done using an external image iditor.
But guess what… Everything is working fine and as planted.
What was wrong and you will feel me as a pain in the butt, so am very sorry to make you feel that. And on my end I feel really stupid.
After checking each object individually for similar problems, I fond them working very probably. So I check the eyebrows object and it’s texture, focusing on the small replica showing up, I noticed it was a 90% replica, the image I was loading had 5 meshes. However, the small replica showing in it had 6 meshes. So basicly I did the unwarping for the eyesbrows again and it had 6 meshes.
Long story short, the image I was loading somehow was messing a part in it for some reason I don’t know, that is why it was not acting right. While the small replica was the right uvunwarping.

No problem, I wasn’t thinking very clearly this morning. I am trying to quit smoking and it’s hard to do anything then.

I guessed and I might be right that the extra images might be extra layers in photoshop that you hid in photoshop but show up when you save it out in maybe bring it into blender.

I’m glad you seem to be on the right path, but that’s what you gotta do; Go over this stuff very carefully because there are so many settings and buttons.

Yeah, this I garra do. Good luck am very patient a person.

I wish you the very best doing that. And if you may, think about the money you save by quoting.

Ain’t that the truth.

Yes, so much the truth it is

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