Texture Evaluate Blender 2.56


Just looking for some code help. I was wondering weather there was a way to get the tr,tg,tb,tin of a texture at a Vector coordinate with bpy in blender 2.5. The function I want to call is multitex_nodes, but it is in texture.c (in the blender source code)

In the previous version of blender you could call the python function texture.evaluate(cord) , where cord is a Vector tuple, but I can’t find a way to call any similar function in 2.56.

If anyone could please help it would be much appreciated.

Bump… Still wondering if there is an evaluate(cord) function for textures?

is this for UV coordinates or ordianry mapping ?

or mayb e this one
have you seen the script for Vector texture ?

happy 2.5

This is a link to the 2.46 documentation for the evaluate() function:


Thank you!
That old piece is more explicit than the Python API for Blender 2.71 :eyebrowlift2: