Texture Export from Blender to Sketchup


This is my first post in this forum and i realy need your help! im a student from germany and in our semester we made a blender model of a city.

i have textured all houses and added materials to them, the street and houses are now finished! my next aim is to get this scene from blender to google sketchup, inclusive all textures!

is there any way to get the textures into sketchup?
im a total newbie in blender, so i realy need you help!

when i export the whole scene as an .3ds and import it into sketchup, there is only the scene with the materials, but the textures are missing!
the scene has not to be able to modify in sketchup, i just need the textured 3d scene!

Im using blender 2.41 and sketchup 6.

best regards and a lot of hope for help