Texture Face in UV Mode

I’m not sure where I need to post feature requests, but this is related to the game engine in that it involves the UV texturing that must be used in order to create textures in the game engine. I do a lot of face creating etc, manually and find myself having to make changes to the normals etc of my objects…

The trouble is the texture face buttons (Twosided, collision, alpha, etc) can only be applied one face at a time, this is SOOO tedious and time consuming. Would it be possible in future releases, to be able to select multiple faces and apply these changes to them all simultaneously?


Maybe I’m missing something, but as far as I know, sure you can change them all simultaneously:

While in “UV Face Select” mode, select all the faces you want to change and you’ll notice that the last face you select will have a “yellow-red” border. That’s your “active” face. All the changes to alpha, collision, etc. are made to the “active” face, but to copy it’s values to the rest of your selection, use the buttons at the bottom of the “texture face” panel, ie. the “Copy DrawMode” button.

I think this is what you’re asking? If not, my appologies…

OH! the copy drawmode, I will try that, that may be what I was missing!!