Texture Face - Two Sided in 2.5?

Hello, i want to make my texture two sided for the game engine, but i cant find the “copy” button in 2.5.
Ive located the two sided button, but the “Copy” button to apply it is not there,

( what i have done is unwrapped my mesh, added the image to UV layer.
I have a material and loaded the image as the texture, wrapped it to UV, now i need to make it two sided for my game engine)

I couldn’t find it either.

This script will turn on twoside for all the faces on the selected object. I’m not sure how to do it for only selected faces.

mesh = bpy.context.selected_objects[0].data

tex_faces = mesh.uv_textures[mesh.active_uv_texture_index].data

for tex_face in tex_faces:
    tex_face.twoside = True

can you tell me please where are the twoside and alpha buttons in 2.5? I’ve looked for them everywhere!


If you are using the official 2.5 alpha 2 from the blender.org website, then they do not exist. They had not been coded in at that point in time.

The texture face buttons have since been added in the SVN. You can either wait for the official 2.5x beta release (which is scheduled to occur in a week or so from what I understand) or you can use a recent SVN build from www.graphicall.org . I use the builds from graphicall and find them quite stable for my purposes.

Using the texture face options in 2.5 is pretty much identical to 2.49b. Select the object, Tab into edit mode, press the U Key to UV unwrap the mesh, then the options become available in the Object Data section of the buttons window. You must be in “Blender Game” render engine mode. The buttons will not display in “Blender Render” render engine mode.

oh man, thank you very much, that’s good to hear (specially the 2.5x beta release part :D) I was beginning to suspect those buttons didn’t exist

thanks for the reply

What about the “copy” button, or it’s equivalent?