Texture files going missing links are broken for no reason

Hi, I’m having so many issues with image textures having broken links. I have my texture image library on my PC in a folder and I have never changed file path or naming of it because of this reason. I work with hundreds of Blender files for different products for a retail company. Sometimes I want to append a scene from a different Blender file, but when I append it into my new Blender file the image textures are broken links, if I open up the original file textures are there. Also when I’m trying to open a Blender file through the “open recent” feature sometimes image texture links are broken, but if I open up the exact same file from file browser the image textures are fine. Sometimes I copy paste a blender file and when I open it up image texture links are broken sometimes they are not when I’m doing the exact same thing. When I check the file path in the node editor it point exactly where the texture is and still it shows as broken. I really can’t wrap my head around this, I’m contemplating switching to a different 3D software unless someone is able to explain this to me :S

Thanks in advance.

Is your texture image library on an external drive or a network drive? Files working sometimes and not other times is usually a drive mounting issue. You might also have a loose or faulty data cable on that drive

Nop, it’s on my regulat hard drive where I keep all my projects as well.