Texture Filter

I have this texture that is getting pixelated at some points, but it is not worth it to increase the resolution of the image. What I need is Blender to apply a Blur Filter to the texture when rendering.

I played around with the filter values in the texture panels, but it does not seem to affect the blurriness of the image.

Does anyone know how to do this??

Hi, AFAIK you can blur the texture image in the texture buttons (F6) under ‘Map Image’, push the filter way up to blur. I heard there maybe material blur node available in the next release. Failing that you could always blur the image in Gimp or Photoshop.
Hope this helps

You should apply a gaussian blur to the image in a paint program. Any paint program will do except MS Paint in XP or below (I don’t have Vista)

Thanks guys, but that won’t solve the problem. Blurring the image in a paint program won’t work because I can’t blur a pixel, if you know what I mean. The detail that is pixelated cannot be blurred because what I see are pixels and you can’t blur a pixel, there’s nothing smaller than a single pixel.

So, what I really need is blender to map the image with UV coordinates, and then apply a blur to the mapped image over the model. A sort of ORCO blur, a blur applied to the surface of the model, not to the image mapped to it… I don’t know if that is possible anyway.


Did you try turning the filter up on the texturing tab, and make sure you have OSA on

Try turning on the full OSA button in the texture panels, it should make jagged edges look much nicer.

Thanks guys.I´ll try that one. And if it doesn´t work I´ll reorganize the UV Layout.

Even after reading you posts and the answers I’m not quite sure what you are actually doing? Could you maybe post images to support you explanation. Cause it sounds as if you are not antialiiasing your render output in which case CDs and Scotchtapeworm answers are the way to go. If that isn’t it take a look at the compositor.