Texture flickering (angle problem)

I’ve been reading lots of threads that talk about texture flickering, but I can’t find a real solution for my problem (could be my noob skills though :eyebrowlift2:).
The situation: I have a table top with a granite-like texture, with both straight edges and edges with an angle. When I make an animation without camera movement, both kinds of surfaces (the straight ones and the ones with an angle) work just fine, but whenever the camera moves around, the surface with a 45° angle starts to flicker.
I’ve tried: Repositioning the normals, looking for double faces, turning of V normal flip, making triangles instead of quads, chaning the lighting,…
None of them seem to work (yet again, noob skills, so I may be doing stuff wrong).
Is there another method that i’ve overlooked?
I’ve simplified the blend-file so that you just have the part that flickers.
Thx in advance,


flickering problem.blend (616 KB)

You did not pack the texture into your blend file. From the file menu choose External Data / Pack into blend and also, from the file menu choose Compress file, save and upload again.