Texture Flow Please Help Me!

Hi to all and tk you for take look of this post
i have a sidewalk with this textures, bump,diffuse,specular
and i want to apply this on a my sidewalk
can you esplain me how i have to setup this textures in blender to obtain best results?
tk you in advice
Ps :my object is a plane
hope you will help ! have a nice day!

Hi :slight_smile: In this video here I go through how to set up the bump and diffuse textures on a plane, it also includes the displacement textures, but if you don’t have those you can ignore that part.

If you want to add specular then in the node setup, add the image and use the colour of it to influence the fac value on the mix shader between the diffuse and the glossy shader. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

this is fantastic!! Thanks a lot Enigma .i am studing it!