Texture for facial animation,how?

I know I have already asked that,but how can I make in blender facial animation for my charater using only textures?There is a good tutorial for this?

uhhrrr, um, animated textures? thats all i got. search for how to do them. also, try and see if you can apply different textures to different geometric faces, so as to animate eyes and mouth separately (i think multiple texture images are possible on one mesh, i just don’t know if they can be animated).

you should ask to he- blend ! In his me and my airship demo the character can blink his eyes

You could film someone talking and then use that as an animated texture.

you can use vertex animation if your character is high poly. there are some tuto on wiki

there’s a script for animating textures, try that… I cannot remember who made it or where it is but a search at the forum should do the trick. When I tried it it worked well, was going to try it to animate a werewolf turning from man to wolf and back. Unfortunately my computer broke before I could try it out properly.

true, but i’m pretty sure that the eyelids are actually textured meshes…

if you wanted to do a simply expression swap. You could look to see if you are given access through python to the texture being displayed for a mesh and if you can change which is being used during game play. I think you could do this with glsl because I know from the example’s that I’ve seen that you have access to the textures of the model and can come up with a method to swap which one is being displayed. The problem with this is you’ll only get something like seven(can’t remember how many texture block) per mesh. But you could just create several of the same mesh and use object replacement to get some more.

Man :eek:,there are some unknow knowledge for me here.I tried to use replace mesh to achieve this,like you have said,but when I typed the name of my second face(stored in layer 2),the name wasn´t accepted.What could I be doing wrong?

About my objective,the model is low-poly and anime style.

I’ve been pondering over that one aswell, is the replace mesh broken or sometrhing?

Are you having the same problem? I´m using the blender 2.44 release :confused:

Make sure that you wrote the name of the MESH, not the OBJECTs name.

If you don’t mind using python you can use instantReplaceMesh().

It replaces the mesh without activating the actuator. With instantReplaceMesh(), the mesh doesn’t have to be on a hidden layer. It can be but it doesn’t have to be.

Below is some code showing how instantReplaceMesh() is used. You’d have to add code to it to make ‘cycle’ through your animation.

Set it up correctly, you can create a ‘flip card’ or ‘animated gif’ type effect.

# get the controller[/COLOR]
controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
# get the replace mesh actuator named armorClass
act = controller.getActuator("armorClass")
# set the name of the mesh
# replace it now

Nice hints guys :D,I´will experiment these sugestions soon.

Here’s a quick blend to show what I was talking about with instantReplaceMesh(). It flips through 5 face expressions. The girl’s face is from reference photos I downloaded from www.3d.sk


I got it to aparently work smooth into my game :cool:,thanks guys :smiley:

Yup. In Me and My airship, there appears to be a separate “eyelids” mesh.

lol it wasnt necessary to revive this tread lol