Texture from an image and UV map?

I am new to Blender and I am trying to create a model of a human head. I’m using Cycles Render.

I started by sculpting the head in Sculpt mode. Then, I re-topologized the head to create a low poly model. I UV unwrapped the low poly model and baked a normal map of the high poly model.

What I want to do is create a material for the head that uses the normal map for the normal (the fine details I created in the sculpting process) but uses color data from a photograph. I have looked at many tutorials but none of them helped me.

I have managed to get the texture from the normal map to show up, but this also adds the weird colors from the normal map. I can not figure out how to add both my own color and my own normal map to the material. One of the tutorials I watched said that I need to use a plugin called BProjection to get color from an image, but I can not get this plugin to work.

Another tutorial showed how to paint my own colors onto the material which show up on the UV projection, but this tutorial did not involve extra texture from a baked normal map. Can someone please point me in the right direction where I can learn how to do what I’m trying to do?

Use a Normal Map node connected to the material shader Normal input.
For the normal map texture node set it to ‘Non Color Data’

OKay, let’s try something very simple, because I just can’t get it to work.

I have a cube with some details sculpted onto it, “hi”, and a regular cube, “lo”.

I set up the nodes like in the image. I unwrapped the cube. I selected the high poly cube, then the low poly cube.

I can not bake it. I get an error message. “No active UV layer found in the object “hi””.

This makes no sense to me. I am trying to bake hi onto low. I have the UV unwrapped for lo. I want to transfer the texture on hi to the lo UV map. How can I do this?