Texture from multiple images

I’m totally new to blender, but I think it’s the right tool to achieve my current goals. Actually, I basically figured out what to do to come to an acceptable result, but I doubt that I do it in the optimal way.

My task is the following: I have a mesh (with a good UV map) and a lot of pictures that cover only parts of the mesh each. The images shall be used for texturing the mesh.
I know the cameras’ pose and settings so that I can manually project the images on the mesh. Therefore, I use project from view and afterwards bake it to the “good UV map”.
The problem now is that I need one UV map (project from view) for each image. But Blender only allows 8 UV maps per object. Which I understand because I believe that I use the UV maps not in their intended way somehow.
I hope this is understandable…

Is there a (better) way to project more than 8 images onto a mesh and in the end, generate only one image for the “good UV map” I already have?

Use projection painting and then you only need 1 UV for each part, you add each texture in as a stincle and can manually paint on each part…not a single click operation but I think your best solution.

Thanks for the quick answer!
Do you think this can be translated into a script? Because I have really a lot of meshes and far more images to process.

I really have no idea,as I am not a python coder…but I don’t think / don’t know how that would even work…since you would be adding a single texture as a stencil, then when repeating as needed…

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Again thank you, alhtough I think I found a workaround and will export the textures of each image projection individually and process them afterwards to generate one final texture image that combines all single images.