texture fusion !?!?

I have a problem, i don’t know why, but blender do that with two of my texture :


it’s crazy ! I never want that !!!

what’is the problem ???

the aim is .gif and the other is .png , is it possible that blender play with gif (with alpha) ??? :eek::eek::eek:


you’re complaining that blender notices an animated gif as an animation?
[note: the game engine doesn’t though]

no lol, see the picture, i have the aim (gif picture) and another picture ( .png)

and look the aim, in the alpha part , blender add the second picture two times !

look at this :


Well you can’t use GIFs in the GE, ad I don’t think they support an alpha channel (correct me if I’m wrong). Check the thread “Animated GIFs?” that I posted.

GIF’s do support an alpha channel, I don’t know if it is compatible with blender though. For textures with alpha channels, it’s best to stick with TGA or PNG :wink: