texture geosets?


Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

Say you wanted to make a character with swapable armor. I know characters in the wow franchise use something called geosets. That is the model doesn’t change that much but the textures do. What I cant get my head around is that when i tested this on the wow model viewer and changed the pants on the character, a piece of the main texture image changed, like it had always been there, but its still just one texture!!

I’m probably not explaining this very well so i’ll include some pictures so you can see the difference. How is this done?


It sounds like the textures in WOW are made up of small sections which are loaded in to place. This is technically possible in blender but I doubt it would give you any of the performance benefits that it does with the WOW engine. In fact it might be slower. It’s probably better to try another method.

engine would probably be unity actually. I have asked this question in the unity forums too but I’m familiar with these forums and you’re a friendly bunch.

In my limited knowledge when it comes to game characters I would have textured the armor pieces separately. But apparently that’s bad because of something called draw calls.

It sounds a bit strange that you are asking for help on a different game engine and referring to another different engine.

You really need to read the documentation of the engine you are using. Whatever we tell you applies to the BGE and does not fit your situation.

So you can just get general advice as Smoking_mirror already did. I completely agree with him, it is not worth the effort. Simply change the complete texture unless you get any support from the engine you are using. Even with that the management overhead seams not worth.

Yeah im aware that its general advice and that the two engines are different so any reply is greatfully received.

Well, what the WOW texture is doing is starting with an empty texture called a texture atlas. Certain areas have been reserved for different parts of the body.
The small texture chunks are all kept on disc and loaded in to the main texture as needed.
It’s a good system for the BGE since having only one texture means you only have to do one render pass for that object. If you had 12 textures you’d need 12 materials and you’d have to render it 12 times.

Other game engines can work differently though so I’m not sure it would give any improvement there.

The drawback for the BGE is that you’d have some lag when loading the textures, also you’d probably need a different material for every character since changing the texture on a single material usually changes it on all instances of that material.

There’s also the fact that I haven’t used that function before (the shared materials problem put me off) so you’d have to find someone who has, or muddle through on your own. I also wouldn’t even know if it’s possible in Unity.

Another problem that modders have found with the WOW system is that it need to be hard coded, so if you wanted to add a tail for example, you can’t easily do that.

Also, geosets in WoW are real geometry that gets shown/hidden on demand (try it swapping the pants for a skirt, or changing different types of sleeves). That could be done with the mask modifier, although I don’t know how well that works on the BGE.

Guys that’s really helpfull thanks so much. Looking back at the pictures it does look like the new textures are plodded on top of the main texture. I guess that way they can keep consistencies such as skin tone.

Im very interested in making this work some how and will probably try to do it in BGE as a project. Im new to programming so I’ll just stick with a flat plane ��

And there, if anyone is wondering, is why i posted here as well as the unity forums. Here i actually got some usefull advice. Not complaining about unity forums but i know people here are very generous in sharing.