Texture gets stretched when rendered?


My problem is when I UV unwrap and texture my model it looks just fine in the 3d View port,but when I render it,it gets bad stretches on the side

Here is a screen shoot:

Thanks in advanced!

Edit:Here is the .blend file if some one wants to take a look at it:
The textures are packet in the .7z file

Check in your texture panels, if the Mapping coordinates are set to “UV” (by default if unchanged it is set on “Generated”)

Hey thanks for the reply.
But sadly that is not the problem,it is set to UV.
I think I will upload the .blend ,in case you want to take a look at it.(I will upload it in my first post,should be there in the next 3 min)

I found the problem, in the screenshot i posted, the “Mapping” tab, you have set the Projection to “Cube” , that’s what is creating this problem.
Change it to “Flat” and your texture will display as defined by your UV.

Hey thanks so muche!!!
That solved it:)