Texture Glitch


I’m getting this annoying texture glitch on my model I’m currently working on. I’ve began modeling this can and when I render it (without adding any textures) it appears to have a weird thing wrong with that I can’t get rid of. It has weird set of random black and grey patches. A picture is below.
I’ve had this happen before and haven’t been able to fix it. Need Help.


Sorry for the two images. Can’t get rid of one of them.

You have overlapping faces.

  • Remove any duplicated objects.
  • Select all vertices and remove doubles (W / remove doubles) then recalculate normals (select all faces and Ctrl+N)

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: The only problem is that when I do what you said it makes my object loose a lot of its shape. Is there a possible way around this?

Hmm… don’t know what the underlying geometry looks like beneath this obviously-smoothed shape, but maybe the all-around best thing to do is to re-model the missing parts. It looks to me like it would be just three or quick moves with an extruded circle. Then, the geometry would be really clean.

Overlapping faces are real easy to get when you’ve done a lot of whacking and banging on the shape of something, and sometimes, honestly, the best tool to start with to clean things up is a chain-saw. Cut out the offending portions and just rebuild 'em.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: I fixed it.