Texture Hell

Any suggestions on how to create this foam insert pattern? I am at a loss! Its extremely random, take a close look at the pattern. Ugh

You can look into creating object consisting of 3D voronoi cells and solidify it. Or try some kind of volume material based on voronoi texture.

Thank you kesonmis, I tried using Cell Fracture on a UV Sphere with promising results. I am getting close here, I will need to figure out how to use this as a texture. Any recommendations would be Awesome!

How about particles in a volume or on a surface instead of a texture? Create a couple of wire-like objects, group them, then use the group in the particles/render settings as a DoupliGroup.

Voronoi can produce a pattern like that - and it can drive a volume material.

The problem is - cycles doesnt have an isosurface material at the moment - so the ‘foam’ cant be made to have a shiny appearance.

There are a few threads about this - look up the ‘hard surface volume’ material thread.

I think the Sverchok addon can do this kind of shapes…

+1 to @motimo. Some three or 4 faces to accommodate particles (group of simple shapes like you see in image), Particle system set to duplicate Group elements. Emitter set to not render and smaller black cube as a filler of middle dark matter…
Can render such particle plane and use as a LOD texture, close-ups will get ‘real deal’.

Great stuff! Thanks all, I will attempt the particle route. Fingers crossed.