Texture help


ignore everything except upper torso please

if you notice at the top of the shoulders the texture is quite different than the rest. this puts some ugliness/seams.(set as a UVmap of cube .20 this just emphasizes my problem so it can be seen)

I have tried unwrapping it, i have tried face select (each individual face in that area) i have tried every UVmap under the “U” button and this keeps reappearing! i have even tried separating the torso mesh up into smaller parts then texturing just a bit frustrating!!

i even tried exporting as .obj and using the lame ass wings proggie, but it runs slower than my dead cat ~shrugs~

been there tried that recalced them all to face outside

First thing, check to make sure your normals aren’t flipped (ctrl-n) other than that I don’t know.