texture help!

hii ppl i need sum help makin a uv map image im just trying to get sum detail together but i cant seem to do it with this picture so if sum1 could make a uv image 4 me and e-mail it to me that would be great heres the imagehttp://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a2/Toneriko/reference.jpg

i only want the detail to be in the face so no hair and no clothes but for the rest of the body just the same colour as the face who eva manages to do it is a legend

my email is [email protected]

what do you mean??

i need to create an image i can import into the uv image editor but i cant get a detailed engough one in like i only want the facial details in a small section and the rest of the image to be the skin colour

ive been suring the net looking for a front on view of nakiami but i couldnt find 1n and im not the gretest artist when it comes to making my own textures

im sorry im still not getting it?
is it you want one image with the details of the first image?

ok heres wat i basicly want i want an image where the face details eg eyes tattooes eyberows in a small corner and the rest of the image set as the colour of the skin