texture help!

i am trying to make an awesome cell phone in blender.
and all i need is some really awesome textures and i am asking if you guys may help me.
i have looked every where and i cant find them.
here is what i am trying to do: http://pallkars.net/~uploader/uploads/sony-ericsson-r300-radio-1-785412.jpg

this is what i have done:http://pallkars.net/~uploader/uploads/0001.jpg
and here is the blend file: http://pallkars.net/~uploader/uploads/cell.zip

why don’t you make an uv map of some picture?

you only need a picture of its back.

The question is how detailed your model should be.
you can make a lowpoly version very easy with an uv and normal map
(there’s a normal map creator from picture by nvidia for photoshop)

the high poly “way” is to model every detail and only add material shaders and ok some textures for the nums on the buttons…

that database has nice shaders: http://matrep.parastudios.de/index.php?p=7