texture help

Need some texture help or tips.
When I color (white color left image) exactly between the uv map lines with Gimp.
Blender shows the result (right side image) outside the uv map lines.
When I face select texture paint I cannot get a nice edge line see the red wrinkled line.
This makes making nice textures really difficult for me.

In Texture paint mode. Enable Face Selection Mask (Red White Checkered Box Before layers) and paint only in the selected face.

That s what i did and then i get that wrinkled line as you can see on this image. Tab option bleed was set to 5 px but did not solve the problem. But I’d rather wanted to know why blender is showing my gimp white painted UV map image outside the lines.
I painted them inside the patch with gimp.

Hmm. I guess it is due to anti aliasing (Texture paint). By the way, it seems that you are using subsurf with your model. When you use normal model uv map with subsurf model, your painted (gimp) texture bleed out of edges.

Yes i am using subsurf and uv unwrap selection.

Antialiasing off did not make any difference it was set on because it should smooth the paint edges.

Just cannot texture paint without anti aliasing line keeps wrinkled.
What am i doing wrong?

Ok, you did not put precise data, still, let’s do some math

This approx gives 176/3 = 1024/x from what i saw in gimp and by assumption that your image is 1024x1024px.
x = 17 px then if i do the math here correct.
That x is approx what pixels you have on that face width, height. Not much i think. Iconic stuff… i mean icon sized image on that face.

You need to do the unwrap so that you get more pixels where your drawing details go and it is enough to squeeze all the rest into just some pixels to get the plain color.

Looks like you’re not giving yourself enough resolution to work with, and the line is getting interpolated. Use a bigger texture or unwrap that spot with more surface area.

This is a default sphere 32x16 scaled down set smooth ,subsurf 2 , uv unwrap 4096x4096.
Looks a little better but also no straight edges after texture paint face select color when you zoom in it look horrible.
Coloring with gimp gives the same result.

Anyhow problem was indeed resolution my plane texture looks now good but I cannot zoom-in too much.

Cool there is a vectex plugin ?

Use seperate Geo and seperate uv island

Another one with numbers inside.

Ok thanks.

Hello Anton,

When looking at your first problem regarding not getting a nice edge line.

Try to Loop Cut & Slide that part of the Mesh…