Texture image crop with tiling using nodes...or any other way?

Hello everyone. I’ve started modelling like a week ago, so treat me like totaly dummy, becouse i’m :). I’m using and learning 2.79 Blender, becouse i can export my models directly there, also it has more tutorials and such stuff.
I’m moding for specific game, which requires .x files and single texture file only for low poly models. My current work is simple palm tree which requires two textures - leaf and trunk - which i have combined into single image. But some future models i will definitely use multiple textures.

I can do it by unwrapping and match each face with texture at UV/Image editor. But that process is kinda lengthy, i imagine this is best used for drawing diverse textures to your model at some external program. I will do that in the future, but for now i want just simply assign texture to my materials. Although for my low poly it isnt so bad, i keep number of triangles low, so it means not so many faces.

I have googled this sollution: at this forum. I suppose answer marked as sollution by Secrop should work. But its older than a year, so maybe there is some new addon for this… and also that sollution looks little bit scary :D. Or maybe there is a way how to do it in 2.8X Blender… i suppose i can export than to some 2.79 file version.

I hope it ok to ask here… i know i have 2 sollutions already, but so far Blender have been so…elegant… that i have hard time to believe that you have to work around such basic function (it seems basic to me, might not be).

Hey Tomáš,
still nothing better than @secrop solution (might be wrong but dont thing so). Thing is that such solution is actually just the thing you would need but it is simpy not that convenient for fast usage. I just learned to live without that and I got used to UV editor it is better that way anyway.

Cheers T.

It might be possible to use some of the new nodes in 2.82 to make the solution a bit cleaner… but it won’t change what’s happening (only hide it under the hood).

Ok… i can recreate it by your screenshot at other topic, your guide is nice there.

If even Secrop don’ know any new way, there is none. Thanks guys for your answers. Should i delete this topic? It brought nothing new.