Texture/ image not showing correctly.

Hi, I’ve been trying to add a texture to a backdrop but it isn’t working out as I had planned. In the screenshot below you’ll see that, that is the texture image I’ve applied but when I render it, it goes all black. How can I fix this? I’ve included my node set up screenshot, blend file and that camo image.


Blend file: My Emblem textures aren’t right .zip (1.66 MB)

Don’t set the multiply node so high. x500 ?

Huehuehue… it’s fine now thanks. I put it so high because I thought it would increase the bump mappy-ness. When you look at my node set up it’s the right set up for a bump map right?

You would be better off using the vector node ‘bump’ and connecting that to the normal input of your shader. A better working method is always to start with very small bump amounts and dial up to see what happens. I don’t see what kind of displacement you are using but for true you need to have enough geometry to displace, which doesn’t seem necessary or appropriate for a backdrop

Ok; thanks!