Texture image scaling in 3d walkthrough

I am having trouble trying to use textures (from jpg images) in the 3d-walkthrough template. I am trying to build a walkthrough of a building with brick textures but the scaling is all wrong when I start the game engine. Some areas are scaled differently to other faces and I seem to have no control over this. I am using the ‘repeat’ option in the textures options box and using the UV-editor. The image renders ok when I dont use the game engine.

Any help would be appreciated!


Could you post an image?

You should, for best results, probably apply your textures in face mode using the uv image editor. You will have to pay attention to each face, but your results, once you get the hang of it, will be much better.

Remember, the Renderer and the game renderer are different. What one sees is not what the other sees unless the settings are right, and that can sometimes be a little tricky.

I don’t know exactly what you’r doing, but you can’t use the same blender texture techniques for the BGE.

Just select the object that you want to texture, press [F], then select the face that you want to texture, open the UV editor and open the image file containing the texture that you want to go on that face.

Thanks all, I have this sorted now in the UV editor.