texture image

I have created a plane with units 5 and 5 for x and y . This will be how big if the render units are about 200 for x and 1000 for y? I want a 1000X1000px plane

I have want to load a texture which is a jpg image onto the plane.
I go to UV editor and load the jpg.

NOw to get the jpg onto the plane I am stuck.

Now, in 3D view go to Edit mode, select all face of plane, then hot key “U” to unwrap it. Then you will see the faces on top of UV image. Quick way to see the image on plane is to just render it (F12 hot key).

I have blender 2.5
I just get this working. Who an earth writes these manuals?
I simply want to place a texture in a PLane.
I have the plane and go to UVimage editor and load the texture. I see this.
Now then to get the texture image on the plane I do what exactly. Hot keys dont work

You need to add a material as well.



It’s common knowledge that the “Official” documentation is far behind. However, there are lot’s of tutorials available by 3rd party authors.

your problem is:

there is more than one method to put a texture onto a mesh/object!

there is:

using the texture-option of an object(needs the uv-unwrapp set for a texture-image)

using a material with an texture-image mapped in different default ways

using a material with multiple texture-images mapped and combined

using multiple materials…

using a texture-image projected dependend on position, rotation, scaling…

most people use a material with a texture-image, it is more flexible.

for minimalistic use, load image in uv-editor, uv-unwrap object with this
image and enable the check-box for this object to use texture. But like said,
most people want use this and therefore most tutorials explain the way to set
a texture in the material-settings.

OK the pdf has 6 chapters and it menstions i need to apply a materials before so this is another pdf?
Could you narrow down the process because i just havent got time to go through 2 14 pages documents.

I just have aplane, i have a texture in the form of a jpg. putting this on the plane is what i want.
the steps in the documents i need are?

I didnt see the above post but unpacking the image and placing it on the plane what do i press? I read i append the jpg but i still dont see a texture on a plane and when i render something how do i get back to any screen?

What do you want to do with the plane? Render it? Use it in the game engine? I’m sorry, but there are a lot of ways to do this…Blender is a really powerful program, but alas, not super easy to learn. I feel your pain, but bear with us a bit here while we try to help you. It gets easier, by the way.

Edit: Here’s one simple way to do it. Press f12. This is set up for rendering, not the game engine.


Texture-Image-Sample.blend (319 KB)

Adding a texture to a plane mapped to its UVs http://screencast.com/t/HjGkrnMC
To be honest I still don’t think you know what you really want given your first post in this thread

well I have worked it out.
I dont think I could be any clearer to be honest but i appreciate the help. I have a plane and i want to place an image on this.that is all.

I goto edit mode from object mode->I then go to UV edit and load an image. NOw the UV menu appears and then i can unpack it. I then go to 3d view and view textured and it appears.

You think you’ve been clear, but as you’ll find out later, there are all kinds of reasons to apply a texture, and ways to do it. There are 3 different real time modes, for example. I promise you’ll be back with another question: “Hey! It won’t render!” or “I want to make a brick wall in my game and the texture is pink! Why?”

If it is your objective to see the image on the screen, and that’s it, job well done. Sorry, we are trying to help here, and as more experienced users, we’ve thought ahead to your next few questions.

yes i noticed the render question but to learn anything i must start small yes? i can get something working .
As I am inexperienced and i see these long documents for simple tasks then i wonder if i had made myself clear

Sure, start small. But when people on the forums are trying to help, go ahead and answer the questions posed. That way, people can answer more than just your immediate question. After all, just getting an image to show up on a plane is useless. You’ll want to do something with it - render it or use it in a game.

Oh well. Tried to help.

I can use the image plane in a game yes. It is useful for me as well a any primitive with a texture. MOre so prototyping for now.
I dont see a need to render a scene ( i believe that is wht render does take a picture of a scene of 3d models) as i need 3d models to stand alone and be exported as obj files then converted to AS3 files.