Texture Images with Alpha Channel

I have a simple plane onto which I want to place an image. My image is black on alpha, but because I have had to rotate and resize the image in PS, the image does have a bit of grey anti-aliasing present.

Anyway, I bring in the image into my UV window and try to make the Alpha parts transparent, which I can do, but I’m getting a horrible white border around my details which is messing up my picture. How can I get rid of this?

I have set Texture Buttons >Premul and Anti clicked, Full OSA in Links and Pipeline and TexFace in Materials clicked.

To be honest, I’ve run out of buttons to press, which either shows my image with border or not at all. Is there something I have missed - or have I got to redo my image (.png file) so I remove all the antialiasing altogether?

Thanks in advance

Got it. Clicked VColPain and set color to black.

Funny how you spend ages looking for something and as soon as you post it a question - there it is!