texture in cycles Render is not shown

Hallo Blenderartist, couldn’t find anything of this following in the Forum.
I am a beginner and my problem is that when I use Cycles Render the Texture (Wood) is not shown in when i Render it.
It appears in Blender Render.
I use Blender 2.78
have nothing set in “World”
Material is “use nodes” my diffuse color set.
In Texture i have Wood-Band Noise and soft…I don’t know what Information you need but hope that someone can help.

Thanks a lot in advance

If you are using Blender Render to create a material with procedural textures, then you will need to recreate it as best you can for Cycles and use the Cycles procedurals and mapping nodes to try to mimic the look. The procedural textures from Blender render do not translate to Cycles, as they are different and handled through multiple node controls.

Thank you very much for your help.
Sorry my English maybe i didn’t express myself properly. I know how to do it in Blender Render (since the manual for this object does it in Blender Render) I just want to learn it in Cycles Render and i just don’t get it done.
Sorry the inconvenience and thanks again.

I now i guess i know my problem. I did the nodes wrong. Complete beginner :rolleyes: … sorry, will be back with another issue some day… thanks a lot