texture - industrial paint

i need the texture of little rounded bumps for falt surface with industrial paint

i tried with stucci & small nosie
see pic
mind you it’s not bad but not quit the look of bumpy paint!

but this is not really little rounded bumps

anybody ahs an idea on how to do that?


Do you have a reference photo? There are several industrial paints. Some of which look much like your example.

i just remember the paint !
it’s a paint with a 3D texture like little 1/2 sphere coming out

i wish i could find a pic it would be easier
mind you the render i did is not bad but not quit like the real thing

is there any good site with paint texture so i can pick one up!


The only texture I can thing of that would give close to spherical bumps is voroni. You can use a color band to reduce the centers of the voroni texture to small rounded bumps. The only trouble is that the bumps will be sparse. Like the colored flecks in epoxy paint. Maybe this is what you want.

EpoxyPaint.blend (61.1 KB)

your probably right it’s kind of an expoxy paint but for metal surface

it’s beginning to look like it but not enough height for the bump there must be a way
i tested another 20 other textures but no height for the bumps

i don’t know i’ll try some other textures this night
may be by applying some warp to it or displacement it will give more height to it?


Usually you want to set nor to 25 if you want high bumps.

If you want to use warping for any effect, make sure the texture before it has a nabla value of .1 and don’t forget the scale of the texture affects things too.

ll definitively try to play with the

can we play and get good effect with the Scale for X Y Z bu talos beside them there are thses faces where you can change where x is applied in the map input panel?

i nevere really used this before so would be nice to know more about it!