Texture Influence Panel Missing

Hey All,

I was working through some tutorial materials on Blender Internal rendering tonight and I came across some instructions regarding the influence panel. However, my version of Blender does not have this feature.

I figured this was some sort of difference between versions since the tutorial was rather old now and I am using 2.77a. But, I couldn’t find any info on what happened to this feature or what it may have been replaced with. Even the manual seems to suggest it still exists.

What am I missing?

Let me know if I can provide any additional info for help.

It does still exist. The last version where it was different was version 2.49

Ar you using blender renderer ?
Have you added a material to your object
Are you adding a material texture or some other type of texture

Show us what you see and supply demo blend file for review

Hey Richard, thanks for getting back to me.

Here’s what I’m seeing for my panels.

My goal is to start work on this character’s hair. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing with the transparency before I really got started and ran into this hiccup.

Here is a link to the .blend file I’m using. …but, I’m not sure that’s the problem!

When I packed this .blend together I double checked it on a second computer to make sure it would open properly for anyone checking it out. When I did, I noticed that my influence panel was present on that computer! That is to say, computer A has no influence panel and computer B does. I tried reinstalling Blender, but this did not fix the situation.

When I get the chance I will download a fresh installer and try again, but for now I’ll leave this here in case anyone has any ideas.

(I type this as an invisible, earlier post awaits moderation. I don’t know in what order these will show up!)

I’ve found the answer! I’ll leave it here in case anyone else has this issue.

After narrowing down what could be causing the issue, I finally found this Luxrender bug. The Luxrender addon (as of this post) causes the influence panel to disappear, even when not in Luxrender mode. Dactivating this addon and restarting Blender returned the influence panel to it’s original position.

Thanks again to Richard and anyone else who may have stopped by the thread!

@itsateben They just fixed it in the new LuxBlend so if you update the bug should be gone.