Texture Ipo

now that i have the water to work, does anybody know to add a texture IPO to bring it to life?

Look for the “Wave” effect/modifier. If you add a couple of those in the right spots you can get some great stuff.

Hope this helps.

that does, but i was wondering how to do the texture IPO just to learn. Thank you though, it looks wicked cool!

Hit I with your MouseCursor in the buttons window (F5) and choose “Ofs” (for OffSet). It’s a texture setting but it’s in the Material list because it’s a function of mapping (so you’ll find it in the IPO window under Material).


Thanks, but im still a little lost…how would i go about alternating the wave bumps like in a pool after somebody has just cannon balled in?

For that you’re better off using Duoas’ suggestion. There is no way of offsetting a texture from a given point (maybe with PyTex in the future).


what if i could set key frames that mapped the change in the texture…i used cloud, so if i tweak it it changes…is there a way to keyframe that or the contrast so it chages the level of rise in disp?

Yes, that’s what the OffSet buttons and their IPO does, but there’s no way to make it happen from the point where a character jumps into the ‘water’. You can set that with the wave effect (X and Y start points) and then you could have an offset texture on top of that if you like.