Texture is all grainy HELP a newcomer

Hi, im a newcomer to blender and when i went from the setting; blender render to cycles render, all my textures became grainy and dark.

I’d be very happy if anyone had clue :D.

somewhere in the render buttons you can change the setting from ‘preview’ to ‘final’ render.

There is a definite look with cycles over B.R Cycles looks kinda darker then B.R As Maddron stated you can tune it up under Settings>Samples>Cuastics, Clamp, etc. That is a lengthy tut in itself.

Cycles handles lights differently then B.R, For example you can have Volume light with Cycles and not get it with B.R

It is best to Model and use the Render engine you want to use from the start.

Thanks for the answers they helped out alot! :smiley: