Texture is being mirrored

I cut the mesh of this jersey in half to make some adjustments and then mirrored it again using the mirror modifier.

The mirror modifier was then applied.

Now I have the problem that the textures on the mesh get mirrored … How do I get rid of the mirroring?

I already used “Make Single User” on the object hoping that it would resolve the issue.

mirrored texture.blend (2.7 MB)

This is because you, probably, didn’t mirror UV.
To do that in Mirror Modifier > Data check ‘Mirror U’ to mirror horizontally (‘Mirror V’ - vertically).

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Is there a way to reset all this mess?

You can always delete that new half and use mirror again, I suppose?

Unfortunately not … it still mirrors the texture afterwards, no matter what I do.

I deleted all materials, reseted the UVs … doesn’t help.

Totally unexpected behaviour from Blender. So frustrating.

uhhh… can you share a simplified file?

Does the problem still occurs for you in this version of the file? Mirror U checked, and so far it works before and after applying for me…

The only thing I see is somewhat messy UV maps. The main map is off-center, so there’s an overlap when mirroring it.

It’s this overlap that is confusing me … no idea where that comes from …

Also I don’t understand why the Team Crest is being mirrored.

I think the issues I have are caused by the UV maps … I’m now doing the long workaround by creating new UV maps after having applied the mirror modifier. Would still be curious about the correct way of handling this tho.

I don’t have any problems with Team Crest in this file, so can’t help you there, sorry. (using Version 2.92.0, but not sure if it’s relevant)

Overlap (and other strangeness) must’ve come from some editing along the way.
You need to move the half so it’s center-line falls straight in the middle of the map (or use Mirror Mod offset setting, but that’s whole other problem). I haven’t found a good way to do this, but here’s what can be done:

  • place 2d cursor at the center: N-panel > View > 2D Cursor > Location: 0.5, 0.5;
  • move island so it’s center-line is at the cursor (more or less);
  • set pivot point to 2D Cursor, select all the vertices of the center-line and scale with S > X > 0 (to straighten out the line AND place it precisely in the middle).

This should insure it’ll properly merge when you apply Mirror Mod.

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