Texture is completely black / doesnt get effected by light sources

Hey, im working on a First person game.

I added a plane, added uv-texture to it, but when i play the game (in textured mode)

it shows off completely black.

It doesnt gets effected by light / lamps…

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you assign a material/texture to it? Are you using multitexture or GLSL for the display?
Also, posting the .blend file might help.

I tried to upload, but it couldnt :confused:

If i click “Render Current Frame” the flaslight works good, everything is dark exept the light fram the flashlight, and in the light you can also spot the dark…but when i play the game, all its completely black, and if you save as runtime, everything is bright, like if theres a sun there… :frowning:

Any ideas?

Try rotating it by 180 degrees. The normal may be upside down.

Get yourself a dropbox. It’s wonderful, 2GB free accounts, and you can share blends and backup important files on your computer.
It’s a win, win.

nope, it wasnt the wrong way, but as i said, the Render Current Frame windows shows the light and grass,but not when i play the game in blender or the .exe runtime :confused: