Texture is done all over the character instead of my designated area

So I have a human model (from makehuman) and I want to draw leather armor texture on her. Problem is, it paints the texture all over her!


I’ll review what I did:

  1. In edit mode I chose the vertices I want then I created a UV map group
  2. Under the texture tab (near materials), I picked my image
  3. In the image mapping section I made sure to select the currect “map”

What am I missing? I added the blend file for reference


human.blend (4.15 MB)

The body is using a single material so any texture that is added to that material will be applied to all the faces using that material. Just add a new material for the armour and assign that material to the affected faces

You have not supplied the texture in the supplied blend file so cannot see exactly what you can see

Thank you Richard, when I get home I’ll try that.

Well, I tried it. Now my model appears to have the chosen mesh DISAPPEAR in render mode, instead of showing me the texture.

I added the texture this time.


human_model.blend (4.16 MB)

The material using that texture is fully transparent.

Many many thanks :slight_smile: