Texture is not showing properly also no showing when rendered.

I’ve been following a tutorial series and started making an own model. I added a material, made the seams fixed the UV map after that I added the texture but somehow it’s not working properly. Could you guys help with this?
After configuring the display tab to show textured solid, I see this in solid view:
Only textured one object yet so the only changes are the frames’ color(blue and black) and the frame of the door at the back. This is okay yet, but I wanted to render it and the result was just the lights and the solid without the texture. I checked the object in texture view and this is what I see :frowning: :

  Do you guys have any idea what is the problem or how to fix it?
  Also, how can I remove the shortcuts of the images?

Could you post your .blend file (i.e. via PasteAll.org)? It’s hard to tell what’s wrong without more information.

Textures. Made another one too.

Well, first of all, the texture on your Corridor Wall object is disabled. Secondly, all your lights emit eerie cyan light - that’s what’s giving your objects such strange colors. Change lights color to white for now.

Oh. Thanks! Didn’t even notice I accidentally disabled the texture. The lights are just fine in rendered view, only the textured view gives strange things.
Oh, btw I have a question. Is it possible(or is it okay) to paint an object using only material colors without any textures?

Of course it is possible. If you want to have different parts of your object having different material, simply add this new material to your object (do not replace existing material, add new), go to edit mode, select faces you want to have new material on, select this new material and press “Assign” (underneath material list). Whether it is okay or not depends only on what you want to achieve :slight_smile:
You could also use vertex painting, but to achieve good results you’d have to have a lot of polygons.

I was not sure if its okay in animations or in game environments. E.g. Mirror’s Edge’s world has a pretty easy texture, it could be made using only materials.

Well, textures are not just for colors. They can be used to artificially increase detail (normal maps, bump maps), adjust object’s specularity (i.e. make some parts less shiny than others), blend different colors together… and much more. So again, what is okay for your project solely depends on your goals.

Ah, okay thanks!