Texture is not visible for the whole object

I don’t know how to describe that, but this is going on:

It seems that texture is appearing only on part of the object. I checked the UV to make sure everything is unwrapped and it is:

I even checked seperate faces and everything is showing on UV. Any ideas on fixing this?

Check you don’t have multiple materials and incorrect materials applied
No .blend file of useful screenshots supplied with your post so cannot check this for you

Added images

Here is the blender file problem.blend (546 KB)
I’d appreciate alot if you could check it for me.

That’s odd. Generally when an object has a single material it defaults to that material. When I selected all in edit mode, then chose Assign in the material property panel it seems to have sorted it out. I don’t know how the problem started though.

The object has 4 materials with each material assigned to two of the arms of the model.
3 of the materials have no parameters but the material still exists and is still assigned to the faces. Assign all the faces to the correct material or delete the 3 unwanted material slots

It fixed it. Thanks a lot, i appreciate that.:smiley: