Texture is streched? How to fix?

I had heard to fix this problem you needed a mapping node, but what ever setting I change the texture is not changing. What should I change so that the texture is not stretched on this scaled plane?

With mapping…

If something is “stretched” in this way, it’s going to turn out to be a problem with the UV Mapping.

(Or, it could be an inappropriate selection of mapping-strategy. There are actually several ways that a face can be associated with a region of the texture-source. In particular, several different types of coordinates can be selected.)

Assuming that you are using UV maps, every face in the geometry corresponds to an identically-shaped area on the two-dimensional “UV map” which specifies what portion of the texture should be applied there. If the scale of the UV map region is too small, the pixels that fall within the designated UV-boundary on the texture will appear to be “stretched” as they are mapped into the geometry of the face. Conversely, if too large, the face will appear to have a miniaturized version of the texture as too much texture is mapped onto it.

And, if you selected the wrong type of coordinate or mapping, “the computer is doing what you told it to do, but not what you intended to tell it to do.”

You can either scale your uvs along an axis in the uv editor, or you can change the scale x y z values in the mapping node. Change them one by one keeping the others at 1. e.g. (1.5, 1, 1) or (1, 2.5, 1)

By default, if no texture coordinates are specified, uv is used.

For example here is another problem if you look at the wall brick on the top…

For the pavement this it what the UV image has unwrapped as but am using texture coordinates if anybody wanted to see this.