Texture(?) issue with a model

Hey guys,

I just started using blender and I created a model/mesh by deleting the default cube, and then creating new vertices. I linked all the vertices up, added in a face, and then extruded the 2D image into a 3D model/mesh. I then applied a subdivision surface modifier to it to make it less blocky.

The problem now is that after I’ve exported the object, it renders weirdly. I just now figured out I can switch to the texture mode, and I can see the same effect. It looks like the model is transparent, but only in itself. I can’t see another model that’s behind it, but if I look from the back of the model, I can see the front of it. I’ve added a picture to show what I mean. That image is from the back of the knight chess piece, but you can see it’s mouth THROUGH the model. If you rotate the model, it’s like it’s always staring at you…creepy.

Anyway, does anyone know how to make this model NOT “see through”? Thanks a bunch for the help.

This is a problem of normals pointing in and out instead of only out. To see it, in Edit mode, open the Property shelf [N] and activate the face normals display in the “Mesh Display” panel. You’ll see blue spikes all over your model… except where the normals are inverted.

To fix it, select everything and press [CTRL N] to recalculate the normals.

FYI, this is a problem which happens sometimes when you extrude. Blender tries to guess where you want the outside to be… and it fails.

Ahhhh, awesome. Thanks a ton. Problem solved.