Texture issues with Multitextures and GLSL


I am not sure what the problem is but if I am in GLSL and I make my materials shadeless I can see the textures assigned.

But if I am in Multitexture half the textures on objects disappear.

What am I not getting right here?


I might have figured this out.

If I unwrap a mesh. And then under the ‘Texture’ tab I assign a texture to the material and then assign the UV map under ‘Mapping’ I can see textured mesh in GLSL mode.

But for me to see it in MultiTexture mode I need to go to the UV editor and assign the uv to the texture there too?

Does this seem right? The texture needs to be assigned twice?


Yeah, you basically have it right.

  • GLSL will respect the material settings
  • Multitexture basically ignores the material texture and goes by what is loaded in the UV/Image Editor.