Texture Issues

Hi, I’m fairly new to 3D and was working through the 2010 kara series and have hit an issue with textures, I can create a skin material but any texture I apply to it won’t show up in renders, I assume I’v missed something obvious but I cant spot it.
I’v unwrapped it, added a material and then added my texture and this has usually worked on smaller stuff I’v done in the past but it’s no dice at the moment and it’s left me stumped.
Thanks for reading.

Did you remember to assign the texture to the UV map using the UV mapper?

Sorry not entirely sure what UV mapper is. I’v assigned the texture over my unwrapped object on the UV/image editor and by the texture tab.

Just double checked over my settings and I have already set my set my mapping my to UV

Hrrm. From the sound of it you’ve done everything the way your supposed to. Looks like this is going to be a post a copy of your blend so folks can dig under the normal causes to figure it out.

ahh worried it might be something like that, with the textures packed in my blend files to big to upload on site, and im not sure on linking to other sites is allowed. Thanks for the help though