Texture Layering Question (Image included)


I’m trying to get the diffuse and normal map for a texture to both display/render correctly.
But it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m using a plane as a test/example.

Any ideas? This seems to be the final kink in my workflow.

Have attempted numerous google/video tutorial searches for this but to no vail.

Thank you!

I created these external images in photoshop. I know they look plain but I’m using these as an example. I do not understand how to make normal maps and textures show up correctly and the manual is of no help.

Please help. Need to establish proper texturing workflow. Thanks!

The screenshot is pretty useless, what are you expecting it to look like ?. You should always attach the blend file or add to some other hosting site (pack the textures in the blend)
For the normal map did you select Normal Map in the Image Sampling panel.