Texture library online (creative commons)

With OpenGL/DirectX shaders being so advanced now texturing from photos directly isnt as worthwhile as it used to be, but still has some value :slight_smile:
Could you elaborate on this statement please? Do you mean using procedural textures? Are there more advanced OpenGL shaders that can be used in Blender? For example, is there a more realistic way to represent a stone wall than with a photo texture?


Yeah MichealW is who he is !Anyway good one.

Excellent. Thank you for sharing a great resource.

Well, if we’re listing sites for searching for CC images, how about Google? They recently added a feature to google image search that allows you to search for creative commons / public domain images only.

it can be corrected in photoshop or gimp in about a minute (less actually)… in ps use the crop tool with the “free” option if i recall…distorts and corrects to give you an orthographic texture… you drag the corners to skew the box to follow the “perspective lines” then “do it”.
then you can use filter-- other --offset… x and y a certain amount with the “wrap” option then it’s easy to clonestamp to make seamless…

in gimpyou can do the same thing:
use the perspective tool in “corrective” mode…
Then in gimp you can use the “make seamless” filter and often you’ll be done … seconds of work!

… or for a more manual approach go to layer–> offset and choose x and y by 1/2 (or somesuch) then “clone stamp” to fix the “wrap” portions that obviously don’t tile…

basic skills…

for more advanced you might try a “high pass” to remove some of the larger artefacts that make tiling textures obvious when they tile a lot… I’d prefer to layer up with another set of uvs though or use some large scale procedural… but hey…

you can do a “highpass” in gimp by duplicating the layer , setting layer blend mode to “grain extract” (the whole image should look completely gray now) then use gausian blur" on the layer… small numbers for blur extract small features… larger numbers extract larger features… you can flatten and keep this pass to layer in with other images.

you rarely get “perfect” shots as source

Thanks Michael for explaining corrective transform, highpass etc.
For highpass I made this script for the Gimp, it should work in new gimps still. It was used with many of these textures.


hehe,that’s the highpass filter I’ve been using for quite a lot of time, didn’t know it was yours. Thank you for both, the filter and the great collection of textures. :slight_smile:

This is great, but think of a site like the Blender Open Material Repository but with textures instead, you can upload your photos tag them and vote. This kind of thing would be quite huge so maybe automatic erasing of to low graded photos could be a solution.

Thanks Ideasman42, even if they are superceded by renderers, the photos make great reference! It’s funny but my photo library looks the same, my wife just doesn’t understand…

“why did you only take a photo of the door handle? wheres the rest of the building?” she says.